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30,000 possible titles ideas and concepts for criminals and other ne'er-do-wells.
When you want to spend some time down by the river…
For when you need a name, concept or quick description for a forest
Create a home worthy of a practitioner of the arcane arts!
Quickly describe a sentient alien, mutant or variant!
What are they teaching techno-mages?
20 pre-rolled, system free, fantasy suitable door descriptions
Mountain, Hills and other lumpy terrain names/titles
Generate an overview description for fiction, non-fiction and spell books!
Fake names, ideas or concepts for devices in the sci-fi & modern genre!
Medical sounding nonsense for the sci-fi & modern genre!
What type of feathered creature have you spotted?
A million+ ways to satisfy your sweet tooth…
Just like the other sport, but different…
Name the bringer of the end of days…
A knight is only as good as their allies
Where in the city is the place you are looking for?
When nature goes even more wild…
Bring forth the holy weapon!
What is the bots model number + name?
Artificial entities are as varied as organic ones...
Where is your mission located?
100 tables of pre-rolled semi-randomised content
To which noble order doth thy knight belong?
Bring forth the Holy Tech…
What are the words that represent your family or group?
What is the name of those who regulate or teach the forces of the arcane?
Make some names for towns on the so-called wild west frontier
Babble suitable for the IT side of the corporate world
Be afraid, for they are watching you…
Need a creature that is sentient and yet a fungus?
10,000 possible names for a court of the Fae
Another set of 10 more d100 lists created from Ennead Games content
10,000 possible material names and variations.
Use one of these instruments and make your performance memorable - with 100 million+ possible combinations!
What spell do you use to to bring down your wrath upon them?
Names for map features of the elemental planes
What have you found as you journey through the void?
20,000 possible names for variations of colours & shades
10 more d100 lists created form Ennead Games content
Let Chaos Reign…
What variant of a being from folklore have you encountered?
What is the main characteristic of the person?
The 3rd volume giving 10 x d100 list covering various subjects and genres
400 “amusing” and punny names for your characters.
What will your caper be named as by history?
What will history record this combat as?
Valuable minerals and sometimes useful, but what are they called?
Give the citizens of your empire a well deserved holiday!
10,000 possible names for trees and shrubs
20 x 20 Helpful mini lists of various subjects
What manner of techno-fantasy creature have you discovered?
Species names, suitable for the fantasy based genre
What cybernetic implant will you get today?
40,000 possible generic fantasy genre surnames
Create an overview of your corporate overlords
10,000 options for your characters alignment and personality
What you having to drink tonight?
Give your adventuring party some details
Stuck on what your party is going to do?
Generate a series of arcane sounding words
Land-lubbers, Port, Abeam. These and many other words can seem odd and almost alien to those not of a nautical nature.
A collective noun is a name for a collection or group of things.
Themed around the occult and magic, with a bit of the supernatural and mythology thrown in as well.
Slang and terms themed around Sci-Fi, with a bit of real-world science terms thrown in for good measure.
Terms and slang to help flesh out your worlds and stories within the cyberpunk genre
Create the titles or names that B-movies became famous for.
Flesh-out your characters details and background
What happens to the character when a player cant make it to the game?
What happens your characters need to leave?
You have one small problem...how to start the campaign?
Ways of linking characters together for a story or adventure.
Create babble any corporate exec would be proud of
Give details to your animated anthropomorphic being
Dwarfs, like all other creatures, come in a variety of types
Give your flying tyrants the description they deserve!
Demons, like mortal beings, come in all shapes and sizes.
60,000 possible cult titles and same for names
Treat the deities or gods of your world as characters in their own right!
200 gender-neutral names for your deities, along with 400 domains
100 mundane or non-enchanted items your pickpocketing thief may find
Discover the use and the true name of the demonic being summoned!
Coming up with names for a settlement can be hard.
A focus for sacrifices, a place to worship, or to commune
The greatest foe for many a group of adventurers
All dungeons have rooms. But what are they called?
When you need to add a bit of flavour to your rooms and locations
You may be lucky it contains precious goods, or even something worthless.
What is the nature of the fountain that has been found?
What are the details on the statue you have found?
Traps. They are the bane of many a treasure seeker and explorer of ruins alike.
Have some variety in your dungeon!
Generate names for your Elven settlements
The mightiest empire, country or kingdoms all have one thing in common – A name.
Design and make up a currency for your empire or kingdoms.
Generate names for the era's of your empire
Every empire has it rulers, but what are they?
Protect your home from pesky bandits or those who seek to usurp your rule.
What happened before your empire was founded?
What is the name of this town you just stumbled across?
Generate street and road names for your fantasy genre settlements
What might be encounter onboard a derelict Starship found drifting through the void.
What might be found when you dare to go explore a planet.
What type of planets you may encounter whilst exploring the void
This edition of Equipment Maker covers shields, from the humble buckler to the impressive tower.
This edition of Equipment Maker covers bladed weapons, from the humble dagger to the mighty claymore.
This edition of Equipment Maker covers bows, covering both traditional bows and crossbows.
This edition of Equipment Maker deals with armour, covering all pieces of armour you might find.
This edition of Equipment Maker covers rings
Generate details for any rod, stave or wand you find.
What type of ship is it? What about its sails? What weapons does it have?
A potential source of power, information and abilities
You need to defend yourself and others from those who seek to do you harm, through design or accident.
A robot like machine, often humanoid shape, controlled by an internal pilot or pilots.
10 1d100 tables themed around a certain subject broken down into their own tables of 1d100 each.
10 x d100 tables giving you for the co-called classical fantasy genre antagonist
10 d20 tables covering various subjects and genres
Another 10 d20 tables for various subjects and genres
10 x d20 tables on various subjects and genres
20 x d20 tables on various subject and genres
Some more 20 x d20 tables for your rpg and story needs
Volume 8 of the HL series and more d20 tables for your games
Volume 9 of the series that gives you d20 tables covering various genres and settings.
A universe is a dangerous place. Injuries will occur at some point, the question is what will it be?
Insult your friends and foes dwarven style!
Thow down an insult worthy of the Bard himself!
Generate a new life-form - one that has never been seen before
Even the worst eldritch horror has a name.
What is the name of the martial move your character uses?
What are the details of the medical drug you need to live?
Potions. Brews. Tea. Beer. Some of the many words used to describe a liquid with an effect.
When you need a name for a Halfling character
Names for Dwarfs, translated into the common language from the original dwarfish tongue.
Names for Gnomes, translated into the common language from the original Gnomish language.
1,600,000,000 possible combinations of Elven names and translations
When you crave to see new horizons, to travel to places other can only dream about
Sometimes rehabilitate the guilty, or wrongly imprison the innocent.
Generate details for the fantasy (or horror) themed ritual
Rituals and incantations need a name.
What sci-fi rumors do you overhear in the spaceport?
Come up with a quick name for an adventuring party, group or gang
10,000 possible combinations of alchemical ingredient names
Quickly come up with a concept for your antagonist - 10,000 possible combinations!
Generate a concept for your sci-fi or modern antagonist. 10,000 possible combinations!
What is the name of the place where souls end up after being removed from the land of the living.
Generate a one line description of a piece of armor or clothing
Generate a one line description of a piece of armor or clothing
Generate a two syllable name for your artefact from 10,000 combinations.
For those times when you need or want to create a variation or sub class or profession
Generates the name a modern or futuristic corporation may have.
Generate the slogan or motto that every corporation seems to have.
Helps you to come up with a concept, or idea, for a creature or racial sub-type.
Come up with a concept for a creature or animal that has been twisted, changed or different to the standard version.
Generate 1 of 10,000 possible creature concepts that are based on existing animals.
What crime did they commit and what was the punishment?
What sci-fi based crime have they been accused of and what was the punishment?
Generates the names of possible cybernetics, such as replacement limbs, implants
Generate disease names suitable for a fantasy or medieval type of game or story
When you need a phrase thats says you are not happy with a certain situation.
Generate a concept for a food dishes and features styles and ingredients from around the world.
Generate gang names that are suitable for a fantasy or medieval setting.
Quickly generate a name for Goblins or Orcs.
Generate one of 10,000 possible concepts for a magical item.
Technology from a universe that has magic and figured out how to combine the two.
Generate a name for a type of magic class or school.
Generate one of several thousand names for features found on fantasy themed maps
A million possible combinations for masculine or feminine pirate names
Generate a a Political Ideology, a certain set of ethical ideals, principles, doctrines etc
Generate 1 of 10,000 possible names of Sci-Fi themed materials.
Generate NPC/character concepts for a science fiction or modern like setting.
When you need a quick name for an item or weird technology that has been discovered.
Generate 1 of 10,000 possible sci-fi based weapon names or concepts
Generate 1 of 10,00 possibles ideas/concepts for a Sci-Fi or space themed encounter
Generate a quick description or class-name for many types of space-going vehicles.
Generate a name or simple description for a spell.
Generate a code name or use name, for military style squads.
Generate a theme for your story or game and the setting .
For some, simply calling them “The Thieves Guild” is boring. This quick generator can help with that problem.
Generate an idea or concept for your next trap!
Covers the names that Treefolk give to outsiders, as their true name is often unpronounceable by many people.
The name of a vampire can strike fear and terror in those that hear it. But what IS that name?
What do the inhabitants of your realm call the Void?
76 Billion+ Possible combinations of academy class names
Build a ship to traverse the stars
Most celestial catalogs use a hard to remember designation system but a name is easier to remember
What do you find in this star system?
Bring your tavern to life - after all the characters spend a lot of time there!
More ways to reverse the polarity of technology!
This generator, or series of tables, is designed to help flesh out any needed details you require for your tribe.
Whatever the nature of the tribe, they need a name, one by which the outside world knows them.
Generate a name and nickname for the folk on the Western Frontier
A witchs brew can be a potent cure...or curse...

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