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Need a creature that is sentient and yet a fungus?

Fungus Folk (FF), sometimes known as Fungoids, are a curious type of people. Few people can pinpoint where they come from, scientists and scholars can see no way that they arrived naturally into the world and no deity claims them.

Yet, they exist.

A living, sentient form of fungus, often ambulatory, capable of the same thought process and self-reflection, the same variety and same drives, granted with different methods, of any other humanoid.

This PDF gives you a starting point for creating Fungus Folk: A self-aware fungus that can adventure alongside you, or even fight against you.

Features tables that cover:

  • Colouration & Pattern - What patterns/colours cover them
  • Communication - How do they communicate?
  • Consumption - What happens if you eat one of them, by accident or design...
  • Diet - What THEY eat.
  • Favoured Location - Where do they more like to call home
  • Life Cycle - How fast do they age.
  • Light Levels - Prefered light levels.
  • Limbs - What limb types do they have?
  • Movement - How fast, compared to other humanoids, do they move?
  • Reproduction - What method of continuing their species do they employ?
  • Senses - Can they see/hear/etc better or w worse than humanoids?
  • Sentience - How self-aware and intelligent are they?
  • Shape - What overall shape do they resemble?
  • Size - Compared to your typical humanoid, are they bigger or smaller?
  • Quirks/Features - 50 starting ideas for quirks or unique features.


Get this book and 4 more for $6.99 USD
View bundle
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