Equipment Maker #11 Musical Instruments

This week's PDF covers Musical Instruments. It was, paradoxically, both an easy one to do and a hard one...for the same reason. 

There are so many musical instruments out there in the world, not including vocals, that it became hard to pick the ones I wanted to go into this. In the end, I picked a range, covering many different countries and cultures - Wish I had more space to put them all in!

I also surprised myself when afterwards and making the intro text, roughly calculated that there are, for the instrument name/concept part, over 100 MILLION combinations. I just worked out the basic combinations, not including the possible arrangements or the other tables, so if you include those there are a LOT more combinations. 

At that point, I think my neurons gave up trying to work out the possible combinations ;)


EM11 - Musical Instruments.pdf 4 MB
Aug 30, 2021

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