Map Feature Namer Elemental Planes

This week's PDF is all about things that might be found on maps/in person when exploring the elemental planes.

A while ago I made the "Quick Generator - Map Feature Namer" and this is an extension of that, taking the core idea and expanding on it whilst being more focused on a certain area of reality, namely the elemental planes.

I did have a bit of an internal debate about some of these terms, not because they were bad or anything, but more "hmmm would this be more suitable for the plane of Earth or Fire" and so on. In the end, i left most of them where I first put them, with the logic that there are places where the planes "overlap" and that those I had problems with would be perfect for those moments.


Map Feature Namer - Elemental Planes.pdf 3 MB
Aug 02, 2021

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