Helpful List - Epithets

Today's PDF is from the Helpful list series and cover epithets, or titles. This was another one where there was many many more that could have been included but I had to cut down to fit the 2 x d100 format.  

Strictly speaking , many of the "positive" ones and "negative" ones in the lists can be used for good or bad. It was a real struggle trying to decide for osme of them if they fitted the "positive" table or the "negative" table more. In the end i just though "Sod it" and put them how I feel. If you disagree with my choices, thats fine.

Because of when it was releaed, it is NOT included in the Mega-Bundle (Which is ongoing until end of the month)


HL - Epithats.pdf 3 MB
Apr 12, 2021

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