Helpful List Arbitrary Collection Expanded #4

Volume 4 in theHelpful List Arbitrary Collection Expanded (HLACE) collection out today.  Like the others in the HLAC/HLACE series, this is based off content from previous works, namely the Quick Generator series and made most fridays on the Ennead Games blog. 

Let's be honest, sometimes, even with the QG series you dont want to roll multiple dice, you just ned a name or a title or whatever. Thats where these d100 lists come in handy. 

The HLACE series will be put into one handy volume at some point. Probably when I get to volume  5 or 10, so then it will be the same content, just in one location for those who want it that way and not lots of smaller files.


HLACE 4.pdf 3 MB
Jun 14, 2021

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